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Who needs to file a tax return?

1. Irrespective of the profit or loss earned a company has to file a tax return.

2. Irrespective of the profit or loss earned a partnership firm has to file a tax return.
3. For a person apart from company and firm, filing taxes is necessary for income in excess of the amount not chargeable to tax.
4. If you have a receipt of an income derived from the property which has been held under religious or charitable purposes and if the income without giving exemption under Section 11 or 12, exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax.
5. A Chief Executive Officer of a political party, if the income without providing any exemption under Section 13 A exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax.
6. For a scientific research association, news agency, association/institution for control/supervision of a profession, institution for development of khadi and village industries, fund institution, educational/medical institution, trade union – if the income, without giving exemption under Section 10, exceeds the maximum amount not chargeable to tax.


Ripple updates its Look nettop with Fusion E-Series chip

We don’t cover nettops a whole lot around these parts, but we were powerless not to gawk when Ripple Korea unveiled the Look, a shapely nettop with a slick paintjob to match. At the time, it packed a dual-core Atom processor and integrated Intel graphics, in keeping with nettops’ reputation for not being the most powerful PCs on the shelf. The next generation might be a bit more capable, though — Ripple just refreshed it with an AMD Fusion E-350 (“Zacate”) chip, which means you can almost certainly expect a bump in graphics performance this go ’round. Other than that, the specs haven’t changed much: like the previous generation, it comes with 2GB of RAM and a 320GB hard drive. No word on pricing, though if the Fusion version is like its Atom-powered predecessor, you’ll have your best chances of nabbing one if you make the pilgrimage to Seoul.

Clear Spot 4G Apollo hotspot

We just spotted it at the FCC earlier this month, and Clear customers will now soon be able to get their hands on the company’s new Clear Spot 4G Apollo mobile hotspot. Clearwire announced today that the device will be available for $99 (or leased for $6 a month) in “late July,” which should mean any day now unless our calendars are off. Built by Gemtek, the hotspot allows for up to eight simultaneous connections, and promises up to six hours of continuous use from its built-in rechargeable battery — plans to go along with it start $35 a month, with unlimited mobile data running you $45/month (with no long-term contract, of course). Press release is after the break.

A new BlackBerry to be unveiled tomorrow

What’s made by Research in Motion and is “shiny, new, and social all over?” No one can say for sure, but according to BlackBerry’s Facebook page, we’re going to find out tomorrow. Might it be the Torch 2 come calling, newly acquired FCC badges in tow? Perhaps Waterloo’s hinting at the Bold Touch, its phone of many flavors. Or, maybe it’s something yet unseen that will blind all who perceive it with a corona of social networking awesomeness. Whatever BlackBerry’s got in store for us, let’s hope it’s not just another phone with a Facebook button.

Griffin's StompBox available to order

Remember that Griffin-made StompBox we showed you back in January? Well, it’s finally hit the market, so you can free up those virtuoso hands and get to pedal-pounding wicked sound effects. The four button foot controller works with Frontier Design’s iShred LIVE app for iOS, connecting your instrument via an included GuitarConnect cable to a 1/4-inch jack. The device is “designed to work with… a guitar, bass guitar, electric violin and keyboard,” so your virtual jam band session is all but guaranteed. This musical f/x dongle is available to order now for $99.99 online, or you can just head to one of Apple’s boutiques to snag it. Sadly, the effects switcher doesn’t come bundled with a copycat of Slash’s hat, but that shouldn’t stop your credit card from indulging in this latest bout of Gear Acquisition Syndrome.

Onkyo Remote App For Android Phones

Is the devoted remote going the way of dodo? HiFi audio manufacturer Onkyo is certainly hedging its bets with the release of its first Android app, which gives users the ability to control a number of its home theater systems. The Remote App, due out in August, makes it possible to browse content and stream audio from Android smartphones to the TX-8050 and all Onkyo A/V network receivers released this year. This isn’t the company’s first flirtation with the open world of Android. Late last year, Onkyo beat the competition to the punch by announcing a couple of Android tablets.

Verizon's Blackberry Bold 9930 unveiled

Oh boy, we don’t envy the Verizon web admin who made this particular mis-click. If you go to VZW’s sales page for the Blackberry 9650 and click on the “Explore Features” video, you get an unexpected treat: a walkthrough not of the 9650, but of the unreleased Bold 9930. The specs are familiar, like the 1.2GHz processor, 2.8-inch touchscreen and Blackberry 7 OS. But at least we now have it from the horse’s mouth that the new Bold Touch is indeed coming to Verizon. We’ve stuck our own rip of the video after the break, as the original will likely disappear any second — much like that poor web admin.