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>NASA scientists discovered new bacteria GFAJ-1


NASA scientists discovered new bacteria GFAJ-1 | GFAJ-1 grows even in Arsenic environment
Man has been trying hard for the past hundred years to know about the presence of living creatures on other planets. Scientists are striving hard to know about the basic life of aliens. NASA scientists are saying that aliens definitely exist. They got a proof for saying so because they have got some typical bacteria on earth. NASA scientists have discovered bacteria called ‘GFAJ-1’ at a lake in North California. Scientists are with an opinion that any living organism needs carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, sulphur, phosphorous to grow. All these are necessary to form proteins, fats and to build DNA. But it is surprising to know that the new type of bacteria they have found is exactly opposite to this phenomenon. Scientists have collected that bacteria and they have kept it in arsenic environment instead of phosphorus along with gases. Although both arsenic and phosphorous are typically same chemically, arsenic is much poisonous. Even in such poisonous environment also the bacteria grew well, causing surprise to the scientists. So, scientists have confirmed this bacterium as alien i.e. living organism of another planet. By observing this experiment, NASA scientists are saying that for a living creature to born and to grow, the above mentioned gases and compounds are not required compulsorily. From this theory NASA scientists are saying that there is chance to develop life of organisms and they say that they cannot confirm about the residential ability of other planet now itself. 

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