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>ALLURE OF THE SEAS is the new ship that holds the record of biggest ship in the world


ALLURE OF THE SEAS is the new ship that holds the record of biggest ship in the world | ALLURE OF THE SEAS have 16 decks, 21 swimming pool and a 3 D theatre
‘Allure of the Seas’ created record as the biggest ship in the world. Previously this record lies with another biggest ship called ‘Oasis of the Seas’. Allure of the Seas is a little bigger in measurement. So it has turned to be the biggest ship of the world. It looks like a building with many floors.
Nearly 1.2 billion dollars were spent to build it. In our Indian currency it costs approximately 50 thousand crores of rupees. Caribbean International Company belonging to United States of America has manufactured this big ship.
Construction of this ship has started in 2006. It was completed in two years. Another two years were taken to improve the appearance. Recently at Lauderdale sea port of America, the inauguration of this ship took place grandly.
Aqua parks for children, mini golf, play grounds, gym, disco club, central park, ice skating rink and many more entertainment centers are there in the ship.
To travel in this ship for a period of seven days in its most expensive room, it costs around Rs.5.50,000. But to travel in it, we need to wait for another two years. Because, tickets are booked in advance up to 2012.
It moves with a speed of 41 kilometers per hour. It moves from South Caribbean to East Caribbean in Florida sea port in America. Its length is 361.8 meters i.e. 1,187 feet. Its height is about 236 feet above the water level and 74 feet below the water level. So total height of the ship will be 310 feet which is equivalent to 25 storey building.
This ship has 16 decks, 21 swimming pools, 24 restaurants. There is a cinema theatre in it with capacity of 1380 people. This ship is the first ship with 3-D cinema theatre. This ship weighs 2, 25,000 tons, which means 20 crore kilograms. A total of 8565 people can get accommodated into ship at a time into 2700 rooms totally.

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