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>Alum precipitate purifies impure water


Alum precipitate purifies impure water | Purifying water with Alum is economical and easy method and so is used widely

During rainy season, some times of heavy rainfall may occur. Then that pure rain water becomes impure by mixing with upper layers of earth’s surface. Moist soil or dirt will be formed due to the mixing of water with soil. This problem is very common in areas where people depend on lakes for drinking water. It is dangerous to health to drink impure water or dirty water. So we have to separate mud particles from water before using it for drinking purpose. Alum precipitate is used for this purpose. When alum is dropped into the water, ions of Aluminium get separated from the precipitate. These ions will have positive or negative charge. And these ions hold electromagnetic force in them. When these aluminium ions react with water molecules, a jell like sticky substance is formed after reaction. This jell substance exist as small particles. It attracts dust and dirt particles in the water. So that all dirt particles get accumulated at jell pieces. Then jell substance gets added up with more weight due to accumulation of dust particles at it and so it sinks down to the bottom. As the dust particles reach the bottom with jell, water becomes free of them. And by careful removal of jell substance, water can be used for drinking purpose. This is how, alum precipitate is used to purify water and as this technique is easy and economical, it is used widely to purify impure water.


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