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>Kante’s method of making pencil



Pencil will be smooth if more graphite was used | Kante’s method of making pencil is the base for present pencil manufacturers
Children use pencil more than pen, for writing. The word Pencil was derived from the Latin word Pencilus which meant tail. In 1795, a man named S.J.Kante has successfully designed and made a pencil. Before Kante, a man called Faber of Germany has made a pencil for the first time. But he did not get much name and fame at that time. But Faber’s family members have filed a case regarding the invention of pencil in the court and won it. From then, Faber’s name was heard everywhere. Faber made a mix of Graphite and mud. He moulded the paste into a thin stick and put it in the kiln. But the present pencil manufacturers are following the Kante’s method of making pencil.
In Kante’s method, the mix of mud and graphite paste was molded into thin rods through machines. After embedding this into thin wood piece the other part will be attached. Pencil will be hard, if much mud is used in making it. Pencil will be smooth if more graphite is used in making the mix.

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