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>Penguin nests with gravel stones and feathers


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Penguins build nests | Penguins build their nests with gravel stones and feathers
Penguins live mostly in snow areas like Antarctica. These birds have huge body structure. So they can’t fly like other birds. Materials used by penguins to build nests depend on the species they belong and their living location. They vary from one another. Penguins build nests for laying eggs and hatching them. There are 18 species of penguins. Some species of penguins use stones to build nests. Although these penguins move for thousands of miles, they finally return to their nests only. They carry one stone as an indication for its mate. Penguins belonging to Chinstrap species build their nests with 8-10 stones to protect their eggs from falling. Penguins of Gentoo species build their nests with gravel stones and fallen feathers.
For building a nest for an egg of medium size, almost 1700 gravel stones and 70 feathers are required. Penguins show their skill and talent in selecting the good gravel stones for building their nests. They even steal the good gravel stones from other penguin’s nests. Emperor and King Species of penguins do not build nests. They protect their eggs in between their legs only.

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