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>Penguins swim speed And Dive Depth


Penguins cannot fly like other birds due to their huge body structure. But penguins can swim. Some species of penguins swim in the water for hours. They swim for some thousands of miles. They come to the shore only for laying eggs and removing feathers.
Penguins swim with very high velocity. They can swim almost 27 kilometers per an hour. Their average speed ranges from 15 to 24 kilometers per an hour. This speed is equivalent to that of a man who runs with extreme speed. Penguins swim four times faster than a man who can swim with extreme speed. Moreover penguins can dive at greater depths. Emperor species of penguin can dive to a depth of 535 meters (1755 feet). King Penguins can dive upto 325 meters (1059 feet) and Gentoo penguins can dive upto 210 meters (688 feet).

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