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>Mendeleev Periodic table


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Periodic table and its details | Periodic table was designed by Mendeleev


Periodic table plays key role in Chemistry. Russian scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev has designed the periodic table. We have learnt about many elements like Hydrogen, Oxygen, Iron, Aluminium etc in the chemistry. All those many elements are organized suitably in the periodic table based on their characteristics. Designing the periodic table is not such an easy thing. Mendeleev had got such a great credit because he prepared the periodic table carefully by studying the characteristics of elements, their chemical analogy and their properties & atomic weights.
In the periodic table, 101st element is Mendeleevium. A crater on the moon is called Mendeleen. Entire world has respected him by keeping his name to them in his memory. Mendeleev was born on 8th February in 1884 at a small village near Siberia in Russia. He is the last one of 17 children in his family. His father was a teacher. In his childhood, his father lost his eye sight. Glass factory run by his mother met with fire accident. In such great difficulties and with many family problems Mendeleev learnt reading and writing from a relative. At the age of 13, Mendeleev’s father had died. Mendeleev’s mother worked hard for his studies. She died when he joined the college. In college, Mendeleev was infected with a disease. With the help of only books given by his friends and teachers, Mendeleev finished the graduation exams in first class. Later he secured the doctorate and joined as a chemistry professor in the Petersburg University, in which he studied previously. At that time, he wrote the Principles of chemistry book and designed the periodic table of elements.
Mendeleev prepared the periodic table based on the atomic weights and chemical properties of various elements. That’s why it became much popular gradually. Mendeleev has left some places of atomic numbers for unknown elements which were not yet discovered by that time. He has left three places for three unknown elements giving their atomic numbers. Thus he showed the way to their discovery indirectly. Also he did many experiments on solutions and spectroscopes. In his death rally, students have exhibited the periodic table all the way, showing their condolences.

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