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>Islamist parties have staged numerous anti-US protests in Pakistan


Gen Kayani too has had to defend the army’s relationship with the US as anger has grown about excessive US penetration of Pakistan’s government and security establishment – even though some of the anti-Americanism has been whipped up by the military itself.
Yet the differences are real enough and seemingly unbridgeable.
The Pakistanis fear that US intelligence will use what it gathers to undermine Pakistan vis-a-vis India and penetrate its nuclear weapons system.

Anti-US protest in Karachi Islamist parties have staged numerous anti-US protests in Pakistan

The Americans fear that Pakistan’s refusal to clamp down on certain extremist groups will lead to more terrorist attacks in the US and Europe, which would be followed by demands for swift military retribution against Pakistan.
There is ample evidence that many thwarted terrorist attacks in the West and India over the past few years have had a Pakistani Taliban or Lashkar-e-Taiba (Soldiers of the Pure) connection.
This strategic divergence has been there since the beginning of the US-Pakistan relationship despite the billions of dollars that the US has spent on the Pakistan military, and the services in the Middle East and Afghanistan that the Pakistan army has provided the US in the past.
The relationship broke down when Pakistan went to war with India using American weapons in 1965.
It broke down again when Pakistan went to war in East Pakistan in 1971 and it collapsed for the longest period in the 1990s when Pakistan went ahead with its nuclear weapons program.


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