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3G smart phones, 3G data cards, 3G tariffs.

To use 3G services, ordinary phones will not support. We need to have a phone which supports 3G technology.  At the beginning these 3G supported phones were very costlier but now day’s companies have started selling these phones with normal prices. The price of these phones start from Rs. 4000-5000 and ends with Rs. 40000 and above also.  The report submitted by the Evalunerway consultancy states that for the coming 2013 approximately 39.5 crores of 3G handsets will be sold out.

3G data cards:

Data cards are those which provide facility of internet without landline connection.  These wireless data cards are in the size of pen drive which makes easier to carry out any where we want just by putting into our pocket.  Internet connection facility is provided just by connecting these data card to any laptop or desktop.  3G data cards work along with SIM so it is necessary to have high signal strength to utilize high speed internet facility.  These 3G services were started by GSM telecom which resulted in beginning of a new competition of providing wireless internet facility. 3G data cards are available in low price with facilitating of high speed of internet.  At present data cards are available from 3.2MBPS to 21MBPS.  Data cards were purchased by many people as there tariffs are made as per requirements of customers.

3G tariffs:

At present 3G services are provided by only four companies in our state. The prices of internet, voice pack and free data details have been summarized below:
Company     Price of Pack                  Free Data
Aircel            Rs. 7 to Rs. 1502          8MB to 3GB
Airtel             Rs. 9 to Rs. 750            10MB to 2GB
Idea                Rs. 8 to Rs. 750            10MB to 5GB
BSNL              Rs. 10 to Rs. 3000       20MB to 35GB
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