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Beetel Mobile Phones

Beetel is a leading global technology brand which offers a wide range of innovative products in mobile phones and so on. Now Beetel with association of Bharathi Enterprise had launched new mobile handsets named Star Video GD410, Star Vault GD555. With the purchase of the mobile, there is an option to get 2GB memory card.

Features of Star Video GD410 are as follows:

There is an expandable memory of up to 4GB.
There is a facility of digital camera with an inbuilt feature of video recording and play.
There are even the torch light and currency checker for Star Video GD410.

Features of Star Vault GD555 are as follows:

There is an inbuilt dual memory card slot in this piece.
There is 2MP camera which is inbuilt with video recording.
There is a wireless FM Radio with recording facility.
In STAR VAULT GD555 there are additional features like Bluetooth, JAVA, and GPRS.

Besides these two fabulous pieces Beetel has also launched another two handsets – Xpert Tripl GT415 and Xpert Muzik GD660. For more details and queries call the Beetel customer service number 1-800-102-3456.

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