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Insurance to Mobile Phones

Insurance to Mobile Phones | Damages Covered By Mobile Insurance Companies

The cell phone connections are increasing day by day by around one crore to one and half crore. On the other hand, there is an estimation that even the selling of mobile handsets will be in the same level.  Though the premium for the cell phones insurance policies is very low, most of the people are not showing any kind of interest in taking the policies on purchase of the mobile phones. It is the opinion of the sellers that, there is no insurance for at least 10% of the people on their purchase of the mobile phones. There is an opinion that by the time the loss of the mobile, it takes around 2 months to get the money refund from the insurance company and that too the customer who has lost his mobile has to wander round the police station.   For these reasons, the mobile customers are not showing any kind of interest in taking the policies for the mobile phones though the premium is very low. As the usage of the smart phones is increasing these days, it is good to have the insurance for the mobile phones as suggested by the insurance authorities

Losses covered by mobile insurance

Coverage is given by the insurance companies for the mobile phones when damage occurs during the situations like theft, quarrels, bandhs, fire accidents, accidents, terrorists and their activities and in some accidental situations, insurance coverage is provided for the mobile phones.

No coverage situations

During the situations like loss of the phone accidentally, leaving the mobile in any non protection vehicles, loss of the phone caused by other persons rather than the owner, loss of the machine due to overcharging, damage of the phone in abnormal situations, while cleaning, mistakes that takes place during the time of organizing and modifications done to the mobile, any damage done to the mobile due to negligence, loss of the phone due to negligence, during the time of wars, when dipped in water, if phone is damaged   then   insurance   coverage  is not provided for the mobile phones by the insurance company.

Insurance along with the purchase of cell

The mobile insurance policies are offered by Oriental Insurance Company, National Insurance Company, New India Assurance Company and United India Insurance Company. All these are   government sector insurance companies. The insurance policy can be obtained from the shop where the mobile is purchased. There is no relation with the show room which sold the mobile regarding the insurance of the mobile.


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