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Mobile Handset Prices to Fall Down

According to a recent survey, prices of mobile phones will come down further.  Because of tough competition between the manufacturers of mobile handsets, prices of handsets that have ultra modern features will come down drastically by 2015.  Mobile manufacturing companies are mainly concentrating on those countries that have lower middle and middle class people.  There is more demand for mobile handsets in lower middle and middle class people.  Therefore companies are also manufacturing their products based on these people’s requirements.

Mobile manufacturing companies are researching to manufacture mobile handsets in fewer prices and good features for the mass market.  Lower middle and middle class segments have the habit of changing the mobile handsets when new features or introduced in the market.  According to the survey, top mobile manufacturing company Nokia brought down the prices of their handsets between 2005 and 2009 by 39%.  Handset prices of Samsung Company have also fell down by 33%.

Percentage of customers who change their handsets when new features are introduced in the market was 23% in 2010 and it is estimated that the percentage will reach 94 by 2015. Mobile handset manufacturing companies have to concentrate on new models to attract new customers and retain existing customers.


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