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Reliance 3G Data Calculator

For knowing the estimate of average monthly data usage, Reliance provides 3G data calculator tool at its website. Using this calculator, it is possible to know daily usage and average monthly usage based on the usage requirements. First of all, we have to select a choice between daily usage and monthly usage. Then we have to select the device on which 3G services are used i.e. 3G handset or Laptop/desktop. Sliders will be given beside each of the option hereafter. We just need to move the slider according to the scale given, based on the usage of that particular service. For instance, the number of mails used on average can be mentioned by dragging the slider accordingly. Other such options are web pages, music streaming, video streaming, games or applications downloaded, social media posts uploaded, etc. By mentioning the number of video clips streamed or downloaded, number of apps/ games downloaded, minutes of video streamed, and number of pages browsed, we can get average data usage. This daily average data usage will be calculated for monthly usage and the average monthly usage details will be given.

Reliance 3G data calculator tool is very much useful in knowing the approximate charges to be paid and to select the suitable plan according to the usage. For using this tool, open the following link, www. rcom.co.in/Rcom/personal/3G/HTML/DataCalculator.html


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