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>Lifespan Determined with Blood Test


Lifespan Determined with Blood Test | Length of Telomeres Indicate Lifespan of a Person

Scientists are saying that lifespan of a person can be determined with a blood test.  They are confident that the secret of lifespan can be known with a special blood test.  They are also saying that it is possible to know the secret of lifespan by observing the construction of Chromosomes.  A study was conducted by a doctor in Spanish National Cancer Research Center in Madrid.  Blood Test can reveal the details like when the symptoms of old age can be observed in a person and what is the lifespan of a person.  Telomeres that are present on Chromosomes will be measured with the help of this blood test.  Telomeres indicate the lifespan of human beings. Persons who have short Telomeres than usual have a short lifespan.  But it is not evident that those who have longer Telomeres can live for longer periods.  Minor differences in the lengths of Telomeres can be identified with the blood test easily and quickly.  Researchers have also found out some dangerous Telomeres which are very short.  But the lifespan of a person cannot be determined in terms of years, months and days with this blood test.  But if the Telomeres are shorter, the person can make changes in their lifestyle and increase their lifespan.

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