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>Vegetables and Fruits Have Carotenoids


Vegetables and Fruits Have Carotenoids | Take More Fruits and Vegetables to Live Long

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten more to live longer and healthier.  The beta, alpha carotenes present in fruits and vegetable will do good for the health. It is known that these will reduce the life threat coming from cancer and heart diseases. These are called as carotenoids and will cause the red, yellow and orange colors to fruits and vegetables. After going inside, the body will change these beta carotenes to vitamin A. The beta, alpha carotenes will be available more in carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin, mango, beans, and spinach and green peas.

There was a long study conducted on 15,318 people in America to identify the effect of beta, alpha carotenes. In 1988 and in 1994 blood samples were taken from them and conducted medical tests.  It was found out that people who take alpha carotene more are healthy. They do not have any life threatening diseases. With the raise in beta and alpha carotenes dosage, the danger from the diseases is coming down by 23 – 39 percent. That is the reason researchers are suggesting to take more fruits and vegetables for long health.

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