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>Ayurveda Treatment for alcohol addiction | Curing alcoholism in Ayurveda


Two treatments have been suggested for alcohol addiction.

1. Madaatyayam (treatment for intoxication)
2. To cure the habit of alcoholism

Madatyaya treatment:

* Treatment for symptoms of Vaata (hiccups, breathing problems, shivering etc)

Pomegranate juice, panchamoola kashaayam, coriander seeds, sonti kashayam and the top layer of curd are used in this treatment.

* Treatment for symptoms of Pitta (burning sensation, thirst, fever, sweating, delusions and diarrhea)

Dates, grates, pomegranate juice, madiphalam, honey, berries and usiri are used in this treatment.

* Treatment for symptoms of kapha (Vomits, not feeling hunger, tastelessness, drowsiness and heaviness of the body)

Musta, waakudu, kurasani vaamu, pepper, jeelakarra, and barley should be administered.

Many medicines are suggested in the ayurvedam. Quantity of substances and etc are to be used with the advice of the doctors.

Curing alcoholism in Ayurveda

Curing alcoholism is a bit difficult though it is not impossible.

Satwajaya treatment: This is the counselling given to the patient. Psychology and symptomatic treatment are a part of this. Patient should also have a strong will. He should have control on himself. Patient needs the support of doctor.

* The ill effects and the diseases caused by alcoholism should be explained to the patient in detail.
* Listen to the patient.
* Do not leave the patient alone.
* Patient should be kept in the company of the doctors.
* Divert the attention of the patients.

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