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>Instant Method to Restore Hair on Bald Head | Dr. Raghu Reddy Invents 30 minutes treatment for Baldness


 Very good news for people who are suffering from baldness. An NRI Dr. Raghu Reddy has discovered a method that solves the problem of bald head, then and there. This procedure is completed within half an hour. For this the plasma collected from the blood of patients is mixed with a substance called Acell and is entered into the patients. Acell is collected from the urinary bladder of pigs. This method will be tested on 20 Britain patients in the early stages.

 The new treatment discovered by Dr. Raghu Reddy forms a protection layer around the healthy cells that help the growth of hair. This reduces hair fall. Later this doubles the healthy tissues in the nearby areas. Healthy tissues that grow the hair are doubled with this treatment. As a result, hair on the head will re-grow. This treatment will help the hair to grow thicker and also restores the hair. In men who are over fifty years, fifty percent of men suffer from baldness. Baldness is caused due to genetic reasons as well as due to sex hormones.


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  2. Need Full details Treatment

  3. i want a consultation with mr raghu
    how to meet him?

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