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>Perfumes Increase Juvenility| Lavender and Rosemary are Some of the Famous Scents


 Perfumes can increase life span. There is a magic behind the smell of a good scent. It is a very powerful memory activator and generally plays as a turn on for many. A good scent can always be the sole attraction.

 Scientist predicts that Scent not only gives pleasant feel but also increases life span .Here Increase in life span means keeping the body juvenile for a longer period of time. What else do we want when a 4 drops of scent increases youthfulness. After an observation among the people who have smelled lavender and rosemary scents for a few minutes lot of facts are derived. Mainly pressure related Cortisol hormone which is the root cause for increase in Blood pressure and decrease in body immunity power is reduced by 25%.

 In India, scents are more widely used in happy occasions like marriage and in parties. If we smell the scent daily then the disease growth related free radicals are reduced. Also the faster ageing related and the faster spread of diseases related hormones known as pesky molecules is also reduced. There are varieties of scents available in the market for men and women and some of it are Muguet, gardenia, lavender, Jasmine, rosemary and Rose.

 Along with the merits perfume also has demerits. Scents must be kept away from sources of heat and light for preserving it. Also too much exposure to the scents can lead to health problems. Some of the common problems faced are sneezing and sinus problems because scents are prepared using ingredients of hazardous synthetic chemicals. So the usage of the scents should be proper and careful.


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