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>Relation between Sleep and Body Weight | Sleeping Well Will Help in Reducing Weight


People who want to reduce their weight should sleep well and they should reduce their stress. People should sleep more than six hours at night and this sleep will help to reduce more weight. American scientists had done research to know the relation between stress and sleep. They had done research on 472 fat people and they had suggested that they should reduce six kilos of weight in six months. People are suggested to reduce 500 calories of food and to reduce the sugar and fat contained food. They should follow the tips like working out for three hours in a week and eating more fruits and vegetables. They had registered the details like sleeping hours, sleeplessness and stress details. Scientists had observed that people are reducing their weight up to 7 kilos of weight and people had reduced more weight when they are prone to less stress and sleep more. Few people had changed their lifestyle to reach the goal and few others had exercised for more hours. People are also helpful with meditation and so people should reduce their stress to reduce their weight. People should also sleep for more time.


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