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>Solar Impulse Developed By Switzerland Scientists | Solar Impulse to Be Displayed In International Air Show


 Producing electricity with solar energy and electronic devices that work with solar energy are not new to people. Till today scientists are working very hard to designing a car that works with solar energy. Scientists of Switzerland has gone one step ahead and designed an aero plane that runs with solar energy. This aero plane is named ‘Solar Impulse’. Solar Impulse has created a record by travelling for 26 hours in air and flying to a distance of nearly thirty thousand feet. This aero plane has travelled between Geneva and Zurich cities many times.

 For the first time, Solar Impulse has made an international journey by travelling to Switzerland to Brussels, the capital city of Belgium. It took nearly twelve hours for the journey. One of the developers of Solar Impulse has piloted the aero plane. It was a challenge to run the aero plane in European skies which has heavy air traffic and landing the air craft in international air ports. This aero plane is now in the testing stage and only one person can travel in this aero plane. Though the wings of solar impulse are very large, weight of this aero plane is equal to a big car. Solar Impulse is going to be displayed till 29th May, 2011 in Brussels and later in International Air Show in Paris.


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