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>Symptoms of Social Phobia


One feels that each and every situation in their life is the first one and also thinks that if they fail in the examination, their career will be destroyed.

These people feel that each and everyone are observing them every minute. Each and every action done by these people are observed by others. They feel bad that they are failed in life by comparing to others.

They come to a decision that they cannot write the examinations well though they prepare well. They feel that others are very talented when compared to them and them like other recognizing them for each and every action.

They think only about the result which comes after the exams rather than about writing the exams.

They feel bad that some mistake will happen when doing new things. By this fear, they fail to do any work.

They feel that others are criticizing and making fun of them when talking on the stage or giving speeches. On he other hand, they feel bad about the results which are not yet released and finally it results in over tension.

They feel that exams are the main stepping stones for failure and feel that it is a kind of risk factor and try not attending the exams by saying something or the other reason. They feel that they have faced the failure as they cannot digest the truth.

These people do not believe though others praise them really for their talent. As their faults are not known to them and so they are praising them in such a way and also feel bad that the good qualities in others are not there in them.

Each and every experience creates fear in these people and thinks every work as a problem.

They like to be alone without having any friends and relations. By this feeling they fail to share their ideas and feeling with others and feel bad in themselves. This results in the severity of the problem.

In some of the situations, these people become backward in the daily activities. Even the small problems appear to be big and they depend on others and follow their decisions.


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