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>Thirsty Signal Device for Plants | Thirsty Signal Indicates With Blinking of Light When the Soil is Dry


 Growing plants in pots is now common with the constraint for open space in and around the houses. With the increasing flats culture, plant lovers are confined to growing plants in pots to satisfy their hobby. When growing plants in pots many people get doubt about whether they are watering the plants properly or not. They get a doubt whether the water that is being poured in the pots is sufficient or more than sufficient for the plants. Now there is no need to worry about this as scientists has discovered a small device that tells whether the water is sufficient for the plant or not.

 Thirsty signal is a small device that has a small bulb at the end. This device has to be buried near the plant. If the soil is dry light will glow and if the soil is wet, light will not blink. When the soil is dry water is to be poured in the pot and when the water reaches the soil blinking of light will stop. This device can be tested near any plant. Those who worry about the amount of water that should be poured to the plant can buy this device.


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