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>Virtual Fitting Room | Buyers Can Try New Dresses without Wearing Them in Virtual Fitting Room


 While buying clothes people like to make a trial of the new dress. They go into the trail room and wear the new dress. They have to at least spend half an hour to try four or five new dresses. But in future there would be no need to spend so much time in trial rooms. Virtual Fitting Room helps the customers to ‘try’ the new dresses in seconds.

 Virtual Fitting Room is designed by a Russian Company. This is a new type of magic room. The customer has to keep the new dress near to their body and stand in front of the mirror. The dress can be seen on the body of the customer in the mirror and the buyer need not physically wear the dress. The customer can check the size, color match etc immediately in the mirror. This is possible with the cameras, moving sensors and xbox 360 console hardware devices that are arranged to the mirror. The camera will take the photo of the persons standing with the dress in hand and make the reflections to fall on the mirror. This gives the customer the feeling of wearing the dress.

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