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>Wallet That Controls Money Spending | Various New Models of Wallets


 The wallet gets empty when we do shopping. Scientists of Boston have invented the wallets that control purchases. After so many inventions they made a purse which warns you when you are purchasing, at the same time it gives instructions in financial matters. In these there exist three types of purses.

 Bumble bee wallet: ā€“ This wallet rings buzz in every time when we do financial transactions with bank. This signal tells us two issues. Those are if we do any financial transaction with credit card then this wallet gives details, the other one is if anybody steals and used the credit card it mention it to the user.

 Mother bare wallet: ā€“ This wallet is useful to those who are spendthrifts. After getting maximum purchase level, the button which is at the centre of wallet does not open. That means it gives advice to us to put full stop to our purchases.

 Peacock wallet:-The size of wallet is changed in accordance with bank balance. If the bank balance is high then the size of wallet is thick. If the balance is less, then the wallet size gets thin. These types of wallets are useful for those who spend money without proper thinking.

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