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>Women can look good even in their 30s by following some tips| Little changes in dressing style can make the women look attractive in 30s also


 Everyone may not be blessed with an hour glass figure. The beauty which is in twenties may not be retained in thirties. But with little changes in dressing styles, physical drawbacks can be concealed. Here are some tips.

Everybody desires to look thin, long and attractive. Everybody wants to overcome physical drawbacks and look special in a group of people. But one should try to look special by following some tips.

Marriage, responsibilities and children bring physical changes and life style changes. Fat is accumulated as exercises are neglected. There by the waist and heavy bottom parts look unattractive. Select a top which comes to down the knees and never select short tops. Tunics are best suited for such people. Wear them on a denim dress and wear a belt on the Tunic. The waist will look slimmer. Tight fit dresses are also look good. Do not wear Patiala Salwars. Give preference to Chudidars.

A good looking waist is important for sari and some types of denim clothes. Fillers made with cotton and silicon pads are now available in the market. These are useful for persons who are very thin.

Many people stop wearing saris and small tops because of their belly. They wear only chudidars to conceal their fat stomach. There are some tips for this problem also. Wear clothes which do not have frills at the stomach part. Flat denim clothes do not show the belly much. A line tunics and skirts are also helpful. Clothes made with Lycra are also available now. Lycra makes a fat person look slim and a slim person look fat.

Short people should take care of their clothes and accessories to look long. Do not wear clothes which have broad borders. Keep away from dark coloured clothes and horizontal lines. Big bags and belts also make the person look shorter. People with long legs look beautiful if they wear knee length skirts. Women with beautiful waist will look good in a blazer with a belt.


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