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180 Pre-release verdict

180 Movie First ZLook
Movie : 180
casting : siddharth,Nityamenon,Priya anand.

“Feel good lovestory with slow screenplay”

*Its a feel good film but not executed well.
*slow screenplay , boring scenes.
* An ordinary music -only 1song s good to hear bt picturisation of 4 songs will surely catch your attention.
*Tamil touch in all the songs
*Average direction.
* production values , editing are main positives of the flick .

positives: production values,editing,nitya menon,onscreen songs
negatives: Direction , screenplay.

*Siddharth did a good job provided with overacting in few. Average looks.
*Nityamenon did an awesome job.
*Priyaanand – just average.

conclusion: ITs a pure urban flick with slow screenplay & high production values.
May turn into an average flick in tamil .. IN TELUGU – it may stand somewhre between below average – flop.
if audiance sync with the screenplay ,it may turn into an average.

final verdict : flop – below average(atmost may turn into an average if screenplay works onscreen).

Note : check “synopsis of 180 ” in our blog for more details of characters played by sid,nitya,priya

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