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Bezawada Rowdilu malli godavalu modalapeddutunda?

RGV started of his career with SHIVA which was set in the backdrop of student politics and rowdism.This film had created a sensation ,spoiled a generation and an inspiration to present directors.Now Ram Gopal Varma is back with a similar theme in Bezawada Rowdilu starring Naga Chaitanya in the lead role.RGV has once again created ripples in Vijayawada and A.P with this controversial film.Though the film is a fiction,it will definitely have its references to incidents occurred in real life.The film is set in the backdrop of  Gang Wars between two prominent leaders in Bezawada during the 1980’s.The title song of the film released a few months ago had created a rift in some sections of the society with its controversial lyrics such as “KAMMA naina navvu navvi kathi pedithe  KAPU kaasi gonthu kosi kalaraayara” which is a clear reference to the caste wars during the period.Some social organizations have complained to the commissioner of police to withdraw the permission for shooting the film in Vijayawada as it may cause a stir in the peaceful city but RGV is very stubborn and is determined to make the film as he likes without making any changes in the script or title.The provocative nature of the film may lead to controversies and may influence the present generations who are unaware of the violent history. We’ll have to wait and see if these controversies surrounding the film help its run at the Box office.


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