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NANNA preview

A Honest story with so much of true love..

Casting : vikram,anushka,amala paul.
Director:AL VIJAY

Vikram: as we all know that he is good actor .This role of vikram in Nanna will be a milestone in his career.He will make us to cry with tears in your eyes or atleast you feel for him.

Anushka : kudos 2 sweety for accepting this type of role.we saw a new Anushka with arundathi & vedam.Now Nanna will join that list.you will see a natural actress.
She playd a middle class brahmin role without makeup.she is playing a lawyer role.

*scenes between vikram & anushka are excellent ,which are worth watch.
*good editing & beautiful locations.
*Good & experimental story.

*screenplay should have been better & is strictly ok.
*regular audiance may feel bored especially in 2nd half.
*director failed & forgot d entertainment values.

A honest story with lot of human values.
vikram & anushka did mindblowing job .only problem is the sceenplay which may fail to entertain regular audiance.

Verdict :
complete Multiflex flick,but may find hard to make its mark in B,C centres.


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