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Happy Birthday to Lyricist Bhaskar Bhatla

Bhaskar Bhatla started off his career as a telugu film journalist and then moved on to song and film writing to pursue his dreams.He has mostly worked in the films of Director Puri jagannath and shot to fame with  Pokiri’s “Ippatiki inka naa vayasu” and Desamuduru.He is very good in writing mass numbers which is the main reason for his fame and popularity.He also also written class numbers like “Bommanu Geesthe” for Bommarillu.This flexibility made the one of the most sought after lyricist in TFI.Bhaskar Bhatla’s main USP is his use of colloquial language which the youth use in their daily life,this quality of his makes the lyrics catchy and easier to connect with the audience.His song Yendhuke Ravanamma from Bumper Offer is one of the biggest hits in the career.He has written over 700 songs in his career with recent hits like “Vaishali” from Mirpakaya,”Aale Bale” from Teenmaar.He has also written songs for Veera.Bhaskar Bhatla celebrates his birthday today and we wish him all the success for his future projects Kandireega and Damarukam.


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