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Biggest stadium in South America | What is the specialty of the Estodio do Maracana?

Estodio do Maracana

The biggest stadium in South America is the Estodio do Maracana and this is the sixth biggest stadium in the world. The stadium was started on June 16th, 1950 and 82,500 members used to sit in the stadium. The FIFA world cup finals were conducted in this stadium in that year. The number of people who attended the match was 1, 90,000 and the stadium was full. They had reconstructed it with the seating capacity of 1, 03,045. The maintenance was taken by the government and they used to conduct the festivals, volley ball matches and other matches in the beginning. This had been reduced and the stadium is completely dedicated to football. The 2014 FIFA football match is going to take place in this stadium and the 2016 summer Olympics will also be conducted in this stadium. They had closed the stadium for this reason and they will open it in 2014 with all the decorations and arrangements. This stadium is famous with the name as Journalista Mario Filho.


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