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Difference between Google and Bing

Google is a search engine belongs to the company of the same name.  Bing is a new entrant in the search engine category introduced by Microsoft.  Google has a clean interface because it is simple and loads faster.  Bing is still in its developing stage that means many improvements may be added to it in the near future.

Google has become a household name as it is around for more than 10 years. Bing has a long way to go.  Though Google is more popular, Bing also produces good results in searches.  Since people generally stick to what they got used to, Bing may take sometime to become popular.

Difference between Google and Bing

Google Bing
Google is more popular as it was introduced 10 years before Bing is a relatively new search engine
Google is the product of the company with same name Bing is introduced by Microsoft
Google is the top search engine Bing is a strong competitor for Google

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