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Difference between Google and Microsoft | Google sells its services whereas Microsoft sells its products and services

Google and Microsoft are two software companies of which users of internet and computer are well aware of.  Google is famous for its search engine with the same name and Microsoft offered Operating system Windows without which users cannot imagine using a computer.

Microsoft sells the software and applications it makes while Google offers all its products for free and makes money by advertising realty.  In other world Microsoft sells its products while Google sells its services. But now they are competing with other with the introduction of Bing search engine which is a strong contender for the top slot competing with Google search engine.

Most of the Microsoft products come for fee and Google services come for free.  Thus Google is more popular with the users of internet who do not want to pay to use certain things for a short period.

Difference between Google and Microsoft

Google Microsoft
Google search engine is famous Windows, the product of Microsoft is popular
Google sells services Microsoft sells products
Google’s services are free for the users Microsoft products and services come for a cost

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