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Difference between Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox was the best available alternative browser for the very old Internet Explorer and recently Google Chrome is the latest entrant competing with them in attracting internet users.

Google Chrome introduced by Google is gaining popularity as the fastest internet browser in the online industry.  Firefox is also claiming that Firefox 3.1 is going to be the faster than any thing browser available now.

Major difference between Firefox and Google is their appearance.  Chrome is more space efficient than Firefox.  Another important point to be noted is how the two browsers handle the tabs.  In Firefox, if one tab crashes its impact is seen on other tabs. Google chrome opens each tab in an independent process.  Even when a tab crashes it won’t have any effect on other tables.

Typing the URL in the address bar of Firefox brings up history.  This helps the user in searching for the address he already visited.  Chrome also shows pages, suggested sites and search queries.

Firefox has an add-on library while Chrome lacks add-on support.  Users can find more number of add-ons in Firefox than in Chrome.

Difference between Firefox and Google Chrome

Firefox Google Chrome
Firefox is an established and old browser Chrome is comparatively new
Crashing of one tab effects all the other tabs in Firefox Chrome manages each tab separately by creating a process for each tab
Firefox has an add-on library Google Chrome lacks add-on support

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