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Difference between StudiVZ and Facebook | StudiVZ is less popular than Facebook as all the features come in German language

Though Facebook and StudiVZ are social networking sites Facebook is more popular than StudiVZ.  And both do not offer same facilities to users. StudiVZ is largely used by students of Berlin, Germany.  The features of StudiVZ also come in Germany. Facebook uses English as the bridge between people so is popular worldwide.

500 hundred million people use Facebook while only 15,00,000 people use StudiVZ.  Facebook is popular in all the continents while StudiVZ is popular in German speaking countries.

StudiVZ is limited to bulletin boards and photo albums but Facebook offers easy means of communication between users.  StudiVZ is founded in Germany with one head quarter in Berlin.  Facebook has 3 head quarters and is founded in Cambridge.

Difference between StudiVZ and Facebook

StudiVZ Facebook
StudiVZ was founded in Berlin Facebook was founded in Cambridge
StudiVZ has less number of members Facebook has large number of users registered as members
StudiVZ offers all features in German language Facebook uses English language
StudiVZ targets German speaking student community Facebook is used in almost all continents in the world

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