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Features of LG Electronics Thinq Technology

Control and communicate with electronic appliances using smart phones or tablets, through LG Electronics Thinq Technology | Features of LG Electronics Thinq Technology 
LG Electronics Thinq Technology
New technology has been initiated by LG. Using the LG Electronics Thinq Technology, we can use tablets and smart phones to communicate and control few of the company’s home appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and others.

International Consumer Electronics Show will be conducted in Las Vegas and from 6th January to 9th of the same month, 2011. LG Electronics Thinq Technology will be unveiled at this event, along with its compatible products.

Using their tablets or Smart Phones of LG Thinq Technology, people can control their washing machines right from their office, can change the temperature of their refrigerator from restaurant or any other place. Viewing function is also present in this technology which enables the users to keep watch on this system. Employing this technology, users can give instructions to their HOM BOT robotic vacuum cleaner to initiate the cleaning up tasks.

Smart phone will be connected to the access point at which Wi-Fi is used to talk to electronic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerator, oven and others. This technology has been successfully illustrated recently.

Even the energy consumption as well as associated costs details can also be known through this technology. Appliances compatible with this technology will be sending reports which contain these details. In this way, users can monitor the functioning of their appliances.

In near future refrigerators which can send alerts when the door is left open are also possible; according to LG. Memo function can also be possible on refrigerators. Using this function, it is easily possible to get the database of the food present in the refrigerator. Users can create the database of the items present in the refrigerator using the dragging and dropping of food icons on the devices’ LCD display. Voice recognition function can also be used for this purpose. These two ways can be implemented for creating the databases of the items present in the refrigerator, since the device itself can’t track the items.


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