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Open Top Buses in London

How London got its name

  • According to a book ‘History of Kings of Britain’, written by Jeffery the birth of London happened during the times of Emperor Brutus (he is the grand child of Trojan ruler Anees).  But historians say that this is not true.
  • ‘London Berg’ means the city of fort walls. New city was built from the remaining of Londinium city. Romans used to call this city ‘Alfreds the Greats’.  It has developed in to a big city after 10th century.  Later on it was called London.
  • Cathedrals are the churches in which a Bishop is present.  There are many cathedrals in London.
  • There are many bridges on River Themes.  There are around 63 bridges like Queen Elizabeth -2 bridge, Tower bridge, London bridge, Millennium Bridge, Waterloo bridge, Hungerford bridge, Lambeth, Chelsea, Battersea, Wandsworth, Hammersmith etc.
  • There are many castles in London.  The tower of London, Barnard castle, Mountfitchest castle, Ravagers and The Elephant and castle are some of the important castles.

Open Top Buses in London

Pamphlets and books are available to know about the attractions of the city.  Tourism department of London runs open top buses. Two days of sight-seeing is possible on a ticket which costs 25 pounds.  Any number of buses can be changed during the day.  Boating in Themes River is also allowed on the same ticket.  Whole city is visible from the London Eye.


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