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Madurodam Interesting places in Holland


Madurodam is in Holland.  Total Holland is invented in a miniature form here.  Many people feel that it should considered one of the wonders of the world. Madurodam is such a beautiful place.

Important buildings, bus stand, airports, railway station, church, palaces, gardens, forests everything in Holland is invented in miniature form in Madurodam.  Road are built for the tourists to roam in the miniature place.  Visitors feel like Gulliver in the Lilliput kingdom when they roam in this place.   This is constructed in 1.25 scales.  These are the toys with life like movement.  A train can be seen coming in to the station and another can be seen running on a bridge.  The movement on the platform is just like a real railway station platform.  Bus stand in Madurodam is also very busy with buses which are arriving and leaving the railway station.  Airport in Madurodam also look like a real air port with one aero plane on the runway and another one taking off.  Cargo wagons, signals, mini buses can also be seen in the airport.

Bells of the church can be heard from inside.  Pleasant music comes from the Opera house.  Soldiers standing ready for parade can be seen in the spacious front of the Army building.  If the tourists drop a coin, the soldiers start the parade.  If another coin is dropped, a parade starts in front of the palace with horses, carts and people in colourful clothes.

Real trees, plants and bushes are grown in front of the buildings, parks and forests in Madurodam.  The people of Holland should be congratulated for their hard work.  They are using the science technology to build a memory for the war heroes.

Other interesting places in Holland

One more interesting place in Holland is the fisher men village Velandam.  Another place is the wood shoes manufacturing company.  Shoes are made in soft wood in the factory.  Wind mills which are the national cultural symbol of Holland can also be seen here.  Village of Velandam is a beautiful place.  The sea coast of Velandam is a man made coast.  The house of fisher men, boats used by them, all look like a picture post card.


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