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News regarding Robo 2 | Budget estimation and story line of Robo 2

Robo 2

News is heard that there are arrangements are being done for ‘Robo-2’.  But credibility of this news is not known. Shankar, who hasn’t disclosed the details of ‘Robo’ movie, will not be available for asking about these details. News  that is spreading like a wild fire in Chennai film circuits and websites is that the story of ‘Robo-2’ is ready by now itself. Some are even telling the story of ‘Robo-2’ as follows.

Aliens from outer space would attack on earth. Scientists would be in need of help to fight them. They remember ‘chitti’, the Robo. So, they  go to the rescue of Scientist Vaseekar and ask him to create chitti once again. Vaseekar would create a Robo. Robo facing the attacks of Aliens and fighting with them forms the rest of the story. It is very much interesting, isn’t it?

Rajnikanth will be playing role of scientists and robo. Then, who would be better to play as leader for Aliens? He is none other than Kamal Hassan. News is heard these days that Rajni and Kamal are going to act in a film. So, when analyzed deeply, ‘Robo-2’ might turn real in near future.

Sun Pictures, who have produced first version of Robo are ready to produce second version for that movie. Budget estimation also has been leaked. It would be shocking to hear the budget estimation of that movie. It is Rs. 500 Crores.

Nearly Rs. 200 Crores have been spent on first version of Robo. But, there is place for Aliens to share screen on Robo-2. So, budget is expected to reach that level.


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