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Rajani Punchtantra | Price of the Book Rajani Punchtantra

Rajani Punchtantra | Price of the Book Rajani Punchtantra
Rajani Punchtantra
Each and everything that is done by Tamil Super star RajaniKanth is a style. Every news that belongs to him is news itself. The present news is of the same kind. The walk, talk and route of Rajani have its own style. A book has been prepared with all the powerful punch dialogues and the statements that are given by him. The author for this book is Raja Krishnamurthy. The book has been named as ‘Rajani’s Punchtantra’. Raja Krishnamurthy said that it took around seven months for him to collect all the information. It is the opinion of the writer that the message will be as strong as that of the punch behind the dialogues. For example, he said that the dialogues in Rajani movie cannot be forget by the audience. The writer has said that even Rajani has told a few words regarding the punch dialogues and their statements. The writers said as soon as the book has been released, to the amazement of all around 5000 copies are sold. ‘Rajani’s Punchtantra’ is priced Rs.125.


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