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Why Google is Number One Search Engine? | Google Milestones and Projects

By keeping one ‘zero’ after ‘one’, it becomes ten. In the same way, GOOGOL is the term which is used to indicate hundred zeros after ‘one’. Slight alteration to it is Google.

Google is the first website used to search anything on internet.  Its capacity is to offer the information of search results in hundreds of pages.

Google journey started in Car Shed:

The story of the Google cannot be completed without the names of Larry page and Sergey Brin. When these are doing their PhD at the Stanford university in California, they worked on this project which lead to the discovery of the Google. This has created a revolution in this field by creating a page rank technology rather than going for the traditional search engines. Not according to the number of words of the given information, but according to the importance, the concern web page will be opened and  this was the specialty in this new technology.Google.com has been registered on 15 September, 1997. Google, which stood as the world’s fourth best companies (2009,2010) to work in, was started in a car shed.

Thought to selling Google:

In the early 1999 when Brin and Page were still students, they realized that this search engine which was developed by them is consuming all of their time. They thought that this may affect their studies and hence have thought to sell of this website to George Bell who was the Excite CEO. When George rejected the offer, it has turned their life. After four years, the company was at a position to sell 1.96 Crores shares each for 85 dollars. With that offer, the value of that company’s market reached 23 billion dollars (Rs. 1,15,000 Crores). Because of the specialties of Google search engine, the shares of the company has skyrocketed. For the first time, the price of the share has reached 700 dollars on 31st October 2007.

Google Milestone:

  • In the year 1999, the company has changed its office to Silicon Valley. In the next year itself, it has started a business related to business advertisements which has link with keywords.
  • It has  got much popularity and importance that the work ‘Google’ has been included in the Oxford dictionary.
  • From the year 2001, Google has focused on purchasing, that too mainly small scaled venture capital companies. In the year 2004, it has purchased company by name  Keyhole. It has developed a new product Earth viewer. In the year 205, it has renamed it as Google Earth.
  • It has bought online Video site YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. After that, it has bought and came in contract with many other companies.
  • For the first time, it has invested 38.8 million dollars in 2010 in two wide energy related projects.

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