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Computer Masti is the education provided with entertainment E-books

Computer Masti

Computer had become an important device for everyone. Computer masti is the E-book which is developed for providing knowledge through PC. Mumbai IIT and In open technologies had developed it. They had developed books and video interactive CDs for providing education through computers in the schools across India.

Ten languages:

Computer masti is designed to bring awareness in the children about the computer. This is available in Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, French, Kannada, Arabic, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali and Arabic languages. Children can easily study from these E-books. E-book which is available as free version is being downloaded in 98 countries all over the world. Concerned authorities are telling that people are interested to read these E-books in their mother tongue. People who wish the E-books in their mother tongue are 50% more than the people who wish them in English. Traditions and cultures of various states are considered while translating the E-books to various languages.


Computer had become as the basic book for the students in the schools. These books are used in 35 schools across India in English, Marathi, Urdu and Hindi languages. People are trying to develop the books for the school students of first to eighth standards by next year. They are estimating that these books may reach another 150 schools. There are programming applications and games in the CD which is given along with book.

Special features:

There is computer knowledge which is combined with entertainment. Teaching will be done like telling a story. Conversations between Tejus, mouse and Jyothi will teach the topics. The teaching is started by asking the students whether they want to learn computer.

Open source:

There are free applications in the CD which is provided along with the book. Students can write the programs on their own with the help of interactive educational software. For example, they can develop games and music and share with their friends with the scratch application (http:// scratch.mit.edu). They can draw pictures with the help of tux paint application (www. tuxpaint.org). Gcompris helps the students to play the games with gaining knowledge (http:// gcompris.net/-en-). Text type video games will make the students learn typing (http://tux4kids.alioth.debian.org). They are also providing many more video games and applications through child play.

To download the E-book in English for free, we should register in the site and click on Free E-Book Download. Books from first standard to tenth standard can be downloaded in PDF format. To get the books in mother tongue, we should click on Order Now option. They can buy online by selecting the language. To join twitter and face book from computer masti, we can click on the icons in the website.


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