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External drives Details and information

People who use the PC will tell that it is required to store the data on the external drives even though there are 100GB hard drives. They are not only backing up the data but they are sharing the data with their friends like a network device. There are new external drives in the market which can be kept in the pockets and taken anywhere.

Free agents

FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable drive

FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-portable drive is enough to store and back up the data anywhere and extract it. The drives are available in the memory of 320GB to 1.5TB.  With the help of the plug and play option, drives can be connected to the system through USB 2.0 or USB 3.0. It is developed with 4.39 inches in length and 3.19 inches in width. The weight of the drive is 150 grams and its price is Rs.3000.

  • The first docking station in the world is FreeAgent Go. We can synchronize the data in the computer along with storing music files and photos. They are available in 250GB to 1TB. Data can be stored safely with the encryption option. The length of the drive is 5.12 inches and width is 3.15 inches. For more information about the hard drives, http:// tinyurl.com/products-external

Drive station

Drive station

We know that data can be stored on external drive. Lifestudio deskplus is giving the opportunity to synchronize the data, access the data from anywhere and view the photos and videos in the drive on 3G wall. There is a chance to back up the data in the drive along with backing up the data online. This is developed with 1GB and 2GB and there is 4GB capacity also. We can connect it to the system with USB 2.0 cable. For more information, visit: www. lifestudio.com/

  • There is a high capacity drive which is Hitachi XL desk. There are 500 GB to 3TB capacity drives and it is a 3.5 inches external drive. Hitachi local backup software can be used to back up the data anytime and anywhere. Interfacing can be done with USB 2.0 cable.

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