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Hacking problems related to usage of Wi-Fi internet access

Wi-Fi internet connection

People should be very careful while using the internet at their houses. Wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi) internet connections are more hacked by the terrorists and cyber criminals. In the past, terrorists and cyber criminals used to carry on their work through internet centers. As the security had increased in the cafes, hackers are making the internet connections at homes as their sources to carry on their works. They are searching for  unsecured internet connections to do their works. Normal people faced the problems in such cases in the recent blasts which took place in Varanasi in India. Hackers trap the Wi-Fi internet connections and sent the terror mails. There is a need of protecting the Wi-Fi internet connection from hackers in order to stay away from hacking problems. There are chances of hacking important financial information related to the people. There are few advices given by cyber experts to be secured.

  • Firewalls which are present in the rooters of every computer should be utilized to the maximum. In the modern rooters, there are built in firewalls and there is disable option in them. So they should be enabled every time they are used.
  • Few precautions should be taken while installing the Wi-Fi connections. Steps should be taken that the access point and rooters are not available to the outsiders. It is better to place the Wi-Fi connection far from the windows.
  • Network availability should be turned off while not using the Wi-Fi connection. There are no chances for hacking when the network availability is shut down.
  • Most of the rooters will be with default log in and password. This default password and login name should not be continued. After getting the connection, they should be changed.
  • There will be Media Access Control address for every wireless device. This MAC address will connect various wireless devices which are having access points and rooters. MAC address filters should be enabled while using the Wi-Fi internet service.
  • Auto connect should not be used at any time while using the Wi-Fi services. It will be helpful to connect the nearby rooters with this option but later on they will lead to many problems. There is a security risk with the auto connect option and attacks will also be done.
  • Experts should be contacted when there is any problem in maintaining or when there is no awareness of computer.

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