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New features in various web applications like Picasa, Gmail, facebook, Google docs, Twitter, Skype and Office web applications

Web applications

People can use the new features in the web applications in the New Year. Many new features are introduced into various web services like Gmail, Google docs, facebook, twitter etc.

New features in Gmail

Gmail had changed its look and it is very easy to use Gmail as it is stored with new sorting system. Priority inbox is introduced in which main messages can be stored in it. Time will be saved by giving priority and it can be easily connected to android, Ipad and Iphone. There is video chat option with Linux, voice chat from Gmail and call receive option. There is taking facility in Google voice.

Twitter new features

Twitter comes with new look and with @anywhere option, people can send the tweets from any website. There are authorized twitter applications for android, black berry, Iphone, Ipad and for windows 7 mobile. Go location option is also available in the new features of twitter.

Facebook new features

There are more 50 crore users in the facebook and it is the biggest social networking web application. There is a chance of changing the photos to high resolution and face recognization is present in facebook. Facebook chat along with Skype partnership is made available to the users.

New features in Skype

Skype is the best service to call the people in foreign countries through internet. 54 billion calls are made in 2009 through Skype and this tells the importance of Skype. In the new version which is Skype 5, people can do video calling with four members at a time and there is automatic recovery when the call drops. Attractive interface features is another new option in Skype.

New features of Picasa

Picasa is very useful to share the photos in the web with others. New features in Picasa are photo editing, keyword data management, Image Meta search, image back up, face recognization and geo tagging.

Google doc’s new features

There are lots of changes in Google docs and nine new features are introduced in Google docs. Support for any type of file, multi file version, document thumbnail version, web clipboard, real time sharing, new editor, drawing editor, optical support and self checker are the main new features which are present in Google docs.

Office web applications new features

New features in Microsoft Office web applications like word, excel, power point and on note will increase the usage of Microsoft office. By using cloud computing, people can use these services anywhere and at any time.

There are good support features in the internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 and above versions, Google chrome and Safari 4 browsers.


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