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Solar charging feature Internet radio and TV channels in IB tablet PC

IB tablet PC

PC is becoming slim by reducing the processor, keyboard, mouse etc. It is enough to touch the screen for the functions and now computer is changing into E-computer.

Operating with fingers

Ib-technology beyond Tomorrow Company is changing the nature of the system and it is bringing All-in-one PC into the market. This PC is developed without the input, output devices and cables. This Pc is called as next generation desktop and it is developed with less area. Multi-touch screen technology is used to develop this PC. Multi touch tablet PC is a tablet with 7 inches and this is used as 3Gmobile and E-book reader. Internet can be accessed by Wi-Fi network. Telechips TTC8901 720MHz processor and 1400mAh rechargeable lithium battery are used in the preparation of the tablet PC. IB i3 configuration in the laptops is attracting the people.

All in one

It is enough to connect the internet multimedia dongle USB to the system to view the TV channels and listen to internet radio. We can see 8000 internet channels and 10,000 net games can be owned. With s single click, nearly 20,000 radios will telecast the radio.

Solar charging

We need to search for the switch board to keep the charging for the mobile when it is not having charging. There is solar mobile charger with the tablet which is developed by IB Company. A battery of 1300mAh is present in the IB tablet and it can be charged in 2 to 3 hours. With a special cable, mobile can be connected to the charger. IB mobiles are also present in the market with special features and attractive facilities. IB 3G phones is the mobile with 3G technology and MTK 6235 mobile are models in the IB mobile.


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