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Features of Firefox4


New version of Firefox had been released and it is serving the people with more facilities. By updating the web browser from time to time, people can enjoy more options and their work will also be easy. People can download the new version of Firefox from http:// goo.gl/e2A9r if they are using Firefox 3.6 version. There are load and stop options in the address bar.  With the help of house icon in the toolbar, people can go to the homepage easily. People can click on the pin as app tab to keep the applications in the icon form which are to be open always. To get the tab which is closed unfortunately, people can right click and click on undo close tab option. To close all other tabs except one tab, people can click on close other tabs option. It is easy to see the tabs in the thumbnail option with the tab groups. With the Firefox Sync option, people can synchronize the passwords, bookmarks and history in to other devices. To see the security of the site, people should click on the site icon which is seen in the address bar. It will show the security derails with the lock symbol. By clicking on more information option, people can see the cookies and certificates. With the help of view saved passwords option, people can see the saved passwords. There is special add-ons manager for the add-ons. Add-ons which offer many facilities to the people with Firefox 4.0 version are given below.

Screenshot add-on

There is no need to install the tools to take the screenshot of the required page. It is enough to install the Awesome screenshot-capture and annotate add-on into the browser. With the help of capture visible part, people can change the visible part on the screen in the form of image. To change the complete page as image, capture full page option should be selected. Image format can be changed with the help of options in the menu. After taking the screenshot, image will be seen in the special tab window. By clicking on done option, people can save the image with save local option. People can save the pictures in Diigo online service and share them in the social networking sites. Screenshot add-on can be downloaded from http:// goo.gl/2qjNH

Mouse control add-on

It is possible to close the opened tabs or open new tabs or zoom the page with the mouse control. By double clicking on the right button on the page, new tab will be opened. By clicking the right button and holding it, people can access all the opened tabs if the scroller is moved. By clicking on the right button and holding it and then clicking on the left button, last used tab will be opened. Page can be zoomed in and out by clicking on the left mouse button and moving the scroller by holding the left button. There are chances of making the changes with the extensions option in the options. http:// goo.gl/prEsO can be visited for more details.

Download status bar add-on

To have the status bar which is placed above the task bar in the new version, people need to install the download status bar. Downloads can be managed easily and people can get the details of the speed of download, time taken for the software or songs or any other information which is kept for download. After the completion of the download, people can get the file name and icon. By placing the pointer on the downloaded file, people can know the details like name of file, site from which it is downloaded, saved location of the file, time taken for downloading and speed of download. People can use the options like rename, copy source URL, visit source website options by right clicking. http:// goo.gl/JKq4H is the site for more details.

Read it later add-on

Interesting information can be stored in the read it later add-on. People should register after the installation. An icon can be seen at the side of address bar and another symbol is shown after bookmarking the site. To read the information in the site after sometime, people can mark the sites. Shortcuts can be set up with the keys of user’s choice.


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