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Does GOD exist

its me @Vinnusaurus again, This time(00.24AM) is the time am starting to write this post… because one thing that is killing my brain thinking that “Does GOD exist”, how can we know that GOD exist.. we have many GOD’S … Hindus have some crores of GOD’S as they say.. Christians have Jesus.. Muslims have allah… think they are just mans belief… I beleive that Jesus,Krishna,sai baba etc etc.. are the people who have done Good deeds and helpful to people or may be opposite of it and just made themselves proved GOD to be praised by the people and to become popular. Actually I Dont believe in GOD because i have never seen him/her, so how can i prove GOD exist and i want to prove that GOD exist because iam feeling so.. Lets think.. If you are existing in this world, that means “YOU”…


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