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Edutor is a Hand held Device useful to Students for Clearing Doubts


If children got any doubt in studies, they go for computer. But it is not possible to access computer every time. So a new electronic computing device was made for clearing the doubts of students exclusively. It is called Edutor Advantage e40. It is well know as Home Learning Device. Edutor Technologies Company of Chennai has designed this device. They designed it as a special handheld flexible device. Designing of this type of devices is for the first time in India. Interface of the device is well designed such that it is suitable for the usage of students from Kinder Garten to Tenth Class. A touch screen is provided for the easy interfacing. Students can learn many things through this device easily. They can learn their lessons directly from the screen. Not only studies, students can also learn Yoga, Karate etc. through this device.

Preloaded Syllabus

In the device, CBSC and State syllabuses will be preloaded. Presently designers have installed syllabus from third class to tenth class. Device can be operated with the installed softwares provided inbuilt and hardwares provided. No other additional software or hardware is required to operate the device. Device is hand-held, readily usable device. It can be operated immediately after buying. The device can be connected to the internet automatically. Students can browse for the required lessons by simple dragging their fingers on high quality LCD screen. Internal speakers are provided on either side of the device. Along with the lessons prescribed in the syllabus, additional interactive session programs are also provided. Using this device, exams can be conducted in sub-portions of the syllabus in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Also, English Cambridge School Dictionary software is also installed. Using this dictionary, students can understand the meaning and pronunciation of difficult words. After the testing period of six months, this device will be released into the market.

Other Specialties
Graphics can be seen on the 4.3 inch Black Light display screen. Device weighs just 250 grams. Hence, students can carry it in their book-bags easily. It can be well suited among books as it has a width of just half an inch. Once the device is charged completely, it works for more than six hours. For charging of the device, Lithium Polymer battery technology used in mobiles is employed in the device. Adobe Flash is installed for watching videos and browsing other contents. Device can be well interfaced to a computer as it is charged with a special Doc connector. It is provided with 4GB hard disk, 3.5mm headphone jack, microphone and microsd slot for inserting memory card. Stylus, rechargeable battery, USB cable port, power adapter, travel pouch will be provided with the device. For more details, visit http://www.edutor.in/product-overview.html.


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