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Various Models of External HDD

External HDD

Most of the people gets the need of an external HDD sooner or later since the internal HDDs gets filed up in course with songs, movies and software. Some things need to be considered before choosing an external HDD.

It is not enough to consider capacity of a HDD before buying it. The ‘Revolutions per Minute’ of a HDD is the deciding factor of speed of the data transfer by it. The RPM rate must be greater than 4,500 and the HDD should also have cache memory more than 20MB. The data transfer will be more feasible in HDDs having eSATA interface. USB 2.0 interface will be available for low priced external HDDs. It is better to buy HDDs having one year warranty. Online shopping websites like Amazon should be contacted for low priced HDDs.

Variant Models of External HDDs:
* Western Digital WD Elements series of HDDs are available with TBs of storage capacity. These HDDs can be connected to USB 2.0 interface. The storage capacity of this series varies from 500 GB to 2 TB. The price of this series of HDDs starts from Rs. 3,100. More details of the HDDs are available at http://goo.gl/BkoqM
* Pocket sized Portable HDDs are available in market with capacity 250GB. Seagate Free Agent Go Company is manufacturing these portable series of HDDs from capacities varying from 250 GB to 750 GB. These HDDs are priced around Rs. 2,450. More details of the products are available athttp://goo.gl/0vfLD
* The Hitachi X320 is another portable external HDD of pocket size. This is a lower price range model with capacity 320 GB. This HDD uses USB 2.0 interface for connecting to a PC and it is priced around Rs. 2,400. More details of Hitachi X320 are available at http://goo.gl/Woko9
* Western Digital My Passport Essential is another portable external HDD which is sized as small as a passport sized photograph. This HDD has a storage capacity of 320 GB and it works with USB 2.0 interface. This HDD is available for a price of Rs. 2,950. More details of the product are available at http://goo.gl/eoQ5o
* Toshiba Canvio is another external HDD from Toshiba with a storage capacity varying from 320 GB to 1 TB. It works with USB 3.0 interface. This series of HDD with storage capacity 750 GB is priced around RS. 4,000. More details of the HDD are available at http://goo.gl/pMnER
* The LaCie is another model of external HDD with a storage capacity of 1 TB with a RPM rate of 7200. It works with the latest USB 3.0 interface. The data read and write speeds of this HDD are 35.6mbps and 37.9mbps respectively. This HDD is priced Rs. 3,400. More details of the HDD are pasted at http://goo.gl/o0X1t
* Iomega Prestige is another external HDD with a storage capacity of 500 GB on USB 2.0 interface. This is priced Rs. 3,100. http://goo.gl/PL1kccan be visited for more details.
* Transcend Store Jet 25 Mobile Anti Shock is another external HDD with storage capacity of 500 GB. It uses USB 2.5 interface and is available for Rs. 2,975.


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